Enkei Racing custom rims testimonial, prices and also specs

About Enkei

Personalized aftermarket wheels are as much a part of that we are as the clothing we wear, the automobiles we drive and certainly the performance that we anticipate. ENKEI custom wheels provide the latest in wheel styles, composite alloy technology such as, casting/forged procedures, rigid screening that must pass rigorous JGTC Criteria and also unsurpassed production facilities. Enkei is devoted to perfection as well as supplies the very best in aftermarket wheels.
Today, the Enkei team is commercially energetic throughout Asia, North America, Latin America as well as Europe, providing all the largest Japanese auto producers and also General Motors in the OEM market, as well as many customers in the automobile aftermarket. Enkei additionally produces advanced state-of-the-art race wheels for a variety of motorsport, consisting of rallying, drift, sportscar auto racing and single-seater auto racing-- consisting of supplying light-weight magnesium Formula 1 race wheels to the McLaren Honda group. Enkei has been an Official Distributor to the McLaren F1 team because 1995.


Enkei has actually been racing in top competitors champions of the world for three years. As a result of continual improvement as well as technical advances, Enkei continues its gaining practice and continuously tests brand-new horizons in wheel innovation.


Considering that its development in 1950, Enkei's background has been continuous difficulties as well as journeys to deliver the most ingenious as well as the best quality wheels to top racers and automobile lovers. Today, Enkei has actually expanded to be the number one aluminum wheel producer to satisfy demand from leading car manufacturers and also aftermarket wheel customers around the world. One step here forward. With its guts to take the next step ahead of others, Enkei remains to aim to go beyond the assumptions of one of the most requiring vehicle drivers.

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